For the first time, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Entrepreneurship Summer School took place in Norway. MIT is one of the most famous and leading universities in the world within the fields of business development and entrepreneurship.

Bilde MIT-Gunnar Buvik  

The Entrepreneur Summer school is an offer to entrepreneurs who have run their businesses for a while, and now need to strengthen their expertise and develop their company to a new level. The main lecturer on the course, Bill Aulet of MIT is in a class of his own. He is a much sought-after lecturer with a profound understanding for the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. Prior to joining MIT, Bill had a 25-year record of accomplishment of success, and failures, in business himself. He as a bestselling author in entrepreneurship and has price winning courses at MIT.

Innovation Manager Bjørgolfur Havardsson was one of the contributors in the program, sharing thoughts on innovation in the seafood value chain.

A World Wide Project

The MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program started in October 2015 and the project spans over a two-year period. The intention of the project is to generate more entrepreneurship. The project is supervised by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is executed in partnership with GCE Node, GCE Blue Maritime and Greater Stavanger, together with NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster and NCE Maritime CleanTech.

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