Einar Wathne, Chairman of the Board, opened the Partner Meeting with almost 100 Cluster members present at the new venue at Marineholmen, Lanternen.

Bilde2 Strategy for the future

Wathne took a short glance at the major milestones and what we have accomplished before pointing out the future direction for The Seafood Innovation Cluster.

The overall vision is enabling sustainable seafood growth. To reach the vision there is need for a collaboration model that contribute in building an ecosystem for growth and competitiveness in Norwegian seafood. In addition to the existing business areas Knowledge and Innovation, Wathne introduced Entrepreneurship & Commercialization as the new area of priority.

Tanja Hoel, Managing Director, elaborated that the Cluster through the new strategy, is pursuing new value-creating business opportunities for partners and members to facilitate a global “hot spot” for attraction and economic growth.

A new member service to increase value-creation was launched by Björgólfur Hávarðsson, Innovation Manager. The Seafood Innovation Platform is aiming to bring structure and clarity to the innovation landscape.


Input for strategy implementation

There has been broad involvement from Cluster members in the strategy process, and the participants at the Partner Meeting were invited to give input to the strategy and the execution plan through a Think Tank Strategy Session. Christian Rangen, Partner of Engage // Innovate, gave an inspiring talk about how to become a global innovation “hot spot” as an introduction to the session.

In addition, Jørn Ulheim, CEO of Patogen, and Jarl Giske, Professor and Marin Dean at University of Bergen, shared their thoughts of the value of being part of The Seafood Innovation Cluster.


Organizational approach and interim appointed

Chairman of the Board informed about organizational approach to meet the strategy. There will be changes in the Board of Directors, a new advisory Executive Forum will be launched, a resource group will be established for the new business area, and there will be new organization of AquaCloud.

Einar Wathne informed that Solveig Holm is appointed as interim manager for the cluster organization until new manager is aboard.

Thank you for sharing the day with us! Your input has been an important contribution to the Cluster´s new strategy, and we look forward to continuing all the good work.




Statusreport 2018