At Seafood Innovation Day we are showcasing cutting-edge innovations to reach the ambitions of sustainable seafood growth. We present an entire day with innovation stories from start-ups as well as more established businesses. For the first time, there will be a matchmaking event where businesses and investors can meet entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Ny bannersInnovationDay_1280x307 (2) (003) This year you will meet 12 start-ups pitching their innovative seafood solutions to shape one of the most important industries for the future: 13:30-13:40


Jet Seafood, Norway

Developing a digitalized B2B marketplace for trading of global seafood



Undersee, Portugal

UNDERSEE enables precision aquaculture with underwater sensors and numerical models that deliver data in real-time to the cloud



Scantrol Deep Vision, Norway

Scantrol Deep Vision supplies innovative solutions for fish sampling – in the sea, onboard your vessel and in your lab. Deep Vision measures species, size and location of fish in the sea by help of a camera system mounted in the trawl



AlgeaPro, Norway

Develop, build and operate micro-algae plants.



Botres Global GmbH, Austria

Single Cell Protein feed ingredient based on heterotrophic algae









RemoraXYZ, Costa Rica

RemoraXYZ has developed technological solutions that ensure cost-efficient reliable traceability of fishing boats and their catch, enabling to trace that the fish has been fished sustainably.



Evoy, Norway

Evoy will move electric propulsion into faster planing hull boats and eliminate global boating emissions



GenetiRate, USA

Identify fastest growing embryos through a high-throughput, low-cost test



Salmoncuts, Norway

Help suppliers to utilize as much of the Salmon as possible, and customers to get the best and freshest Salmoncuts in the world.



Margildi, Iceland

New refining method to produce fish oil, omega-3 for human consumption. We currently focus on fish oil processed from pelagic fish originated out of the clear waters of the Arctic North-Atlantic sea such as capelin, herring and mackerel.



Sea Data Center, Iceland

Seafood market information platform. Improved seafood market information platform which gives a unique way to discover valuable seafood market information with just a few clicks.