Together with our partners and members we have worked dedicated with our strategic business areas; knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship & commercialization the last quarter. This quarter we have arranged several events and conference with the aim to facilitate collaboration and share knowledge about the seafood industry. Furthermore, we have focus on the development on our ongoing project and applications, with the aim to address concrete challenges in the industry by coordinating the forces of our partners and members. In our Q3 report you can read more about our key achievements.

Highlights from the report:

·         Seafood Trainee – new group of trainees

·         SFI – application was delivered on 25th of September

·         AquaCloud 2.0 – update on project

·         Environment

·         Sensor

·         EU project – update on project

·         NewTechAqua

·         iFishiENCY

·         Events and conference in Q3

·         THE OCEAN 2019 conference, Bergen

·         Upcoming Seafood Start-ups, Bergen

·         Executive Seafood Forum, Bergen

·         Hav møter Land, Ålesund

·         Upcoming events

Lastly, I want to welcome our new start-up members; Aquamedic, Blue Lice, Dynaspace and W-Sence to the cluster. We look forward to work with you, and the rest of our cluster.

We are highly motivated to add value and work closely with our partners and member towards enabling sustainable growth in the seafood industry.

Best regards,

Nina Stangeland

Status Report Q2 2019, click here