“Are you ready to raise capital?” is a three-month capital program for startups held by the NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster in collaboration with Engage // Innovate and EY.

The program is divided into three gatherings, each having focus on different stages of capital raising for a startup.

In the first gathering the startups got challenged on finding the investor(s) that best fit their needs. In this second coaching session the selected startups for the capital program zoomed into developing investor presentations. Such presentations from successful Norwegian startups served as basis for inspiration when they were to create a draft of their own presentation, before presenting in turn and receiving feedback from each other.  

The second coaching session also covered capital rounds and how to plan for adding and changing investors through the company life cycle. The different startups were set to calculate how much capital they should aim to raise in each round, how much they needed in total, and what this meant for equity dilution for the founders.

The final gathering in the capital program is set to be on February 14th, where the final investor presentations and plans will be presented to a panel of experienced investors.

Photo: Edvard Bjerk, Consultant @ EY Global Aquaculture
Text: Andreas Solibakke, Senior Consultant @ EY Global Aquaculture