NCE Seafood Innovation are organization a visit to Iceland for Seafood Next and Seafood Trainee for mutual exchange of knowledge and experience between the Icelandic and Norwegian seafood industries.

Today we kicked off our stay by visiting Iceland Ocean Cluster, where we had several presentations by Icelandic seafood companies.

First off we got a tour around the Ocean Cluster by operational manager Nanna Ósk Jónsdóttir. Throughout the rest of the day, we received professional input from various  companies in the industry.

First up to present was Eylíf, a start-up company producing high-quality products sourced in marine natural resources from Iceland. The products are made of pure Icelandic raw material from sustainable resources.

Second was a presentation of ThorIce, a high-tech start-up company, who has developed an advanced cooling technology for food safety that specialises in developing, producing, and managing slurry ice systems for rapid chilling of fresh foods.

Third up we got a presentation from Marea, a start-up working on making innovative biodegradable bioplastics from seaweed, presented themselves, and we had a good discussion on the opportunities in seaweed and circular economy.

Last but not least, Benchmark Genetics rounded up the day by introducing their activities internationally, as well as their Icelandic production of salmon and lumpfish.

We had an amazing lunch at the Grandi Food Market, which gave us the ultimate experience of the entrepreneurial environment Iceland is offering.

We are eager to get started on day two, so stay tuned for more!