Now is the time to get it because BI, the Norwegian Business School, have opened their career portal for companies wanting a part time internship student for spring.
Yasmine Mekki Hovland (left) and Kara Kazm, our two interns from BI.

The BI internship is a credit-bearing elective, where students work 240 hours part-time in a company over the course of one semester.

A win-win situation

New, fresh eyes for a couple of weeks can make an impact on your business. In addition to a new set of hands, your company can get access to updated academic knowledge.

Internships are also a valuable opportunity for the students to get insight in a company and work experience. Also, learning situations at school can be enhanced by getting experiences from a real working environment, and vice versa.  

The cluster only have positive experiences with having interns, and this fall we have two students from BI at our office.  

Yasmine Mekki Hovland has one year left on her master`s degree at BI and instead of taking a “normal class”, she has a credit-bearing elective where she works in a company for three months.

 – My internship at NCE Seafood Innovation has been very rewarding, educational, and incredibly fun! I have participated at many different events, and I have gained a thorough understanding of the seafood industry, which was my main motivation and desire for the internship. Also, I got to build a network both internally in the cluster and with collaboration partners, she says.

Yasmine and our other intern, Kara Kazm, have been useful resources for the cluster, and have participated in a lot of different activities and meetings.

A learning opportunity for both parties

Students that can apply for BI Internship are students with a bachelor’s in business administration or economy and leadership. They work part-time internships, 240 hours in total, two times a week, for a given period of 15 weeks starting in week two next year.

Either you are a big company, a start-up or something in between, having an internship student for a couple of weeks is a win-win situation where you can learn something from the intern, and they can learn something from you.

Interested? Create a position on the Career Portal or read more about BI Internship here.

If you have any questions regarding the BI Internship, do not hesitate to contact BI at