Startups are an important part of the cluster’s ecosystem, and we have various services and meeting arenas they can participate in. Now, one of these services has a new name: Seafood Mentor Forum. Therefore, we spoke with a former startup participant as well as some of the experts.

Seafood Mentor Forum

Upcoming Seafood Startup, now called Seafood Mentor Forum, is a forum where startups meet a tailored panel of industry experts and investors. The purpose is to advice startups on the questions they have, and in addition to presenting their company, they get a confidential conversation with the expert panel.

One of the former startup participants is Aquaticode.

Stian Rognlid, CEO in Aquaticode

AI is on everyone lips these days, and CEO Stian Rognlid and his team at Aquaticode is no exception. In fact, they build artificial intelligence for aquaculture. Their flagship product, the SORTpro, automatically separates 10,000 salmon smolt per hour according to gender, maturation, and other important performance traits.  

They have been a part of the cluster since the start of 2022, and as a startup member they have had access to all our activities and services for startups, including Upcoming Seafood Startup, a forum where startups meet a tailored panel of industry experts and investors. The purpose is to contribute to validation of startups and their solutions.

Let’s hear what Aqaticode experienced when they were invited to the forum.


What difficulties or issues did you present for the expert panel?

– R&D is at our core, and we used the opportunity to discuss how and where AI can make an impact in tomorrow’s aquaculture, Rognlid says.

How did you and your team use the takeaways from the meeting?

The feedback not only confirmed the marked fit of existing innovation projects, but it also gave us some new ideas and fresh perspectives.

As a startup company, why is it helpful to get input from a panel of experts from established companies?

We rely heavily on input from the industry, which is why attendance at forums such as this strategic activity, alongside input from our advisory board and over 15 industrial R&D partners.

As they mentioned, Seafood Mentor Forum offers a chance to discuss topics that are relevant for the startup. It is a meeting place for knowledge sharing and inspiration.

Perspectives from the expert panel

Seafood Mentor Forum is also a great arena for the experts, because industry actors and investors get an overview of the entrepreneurial landscape and new solutions.

Contact Karoline Aarebrot at if you want to participate in Seafood Mentor Forum (as a startup or as an expert).

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